Masstemps’ Georgia Burgess has the X Factor

Masstemps’ Georgia Burgess has the X Factor

Georgia Burgess' X Factor audition

Image Credit: Syco/Sony

Last Saturday’s instalment of the X Factor saw Masstemps’ recruitment consultant Georgia Burgess light up the auditorium with her effortless performance of The Jackson 5’s Who’s Loving You. Well, in answer to that question, after hitting the high notes with pitch note perfection, everybody!

But it wasn’t just the voice that won the judges over. The 20-year-old walked onto stage with such grace and humility, the crowd warmed to her immediately. Unlike the gimmick-laden auditions that preceded hers, there were no stunts and zero ego. She came across as her colleagues know her in the office; humble, mature and unpretentious. There was nothing contrived about her performance. Just a young Black Country girl singing her heart out…to a few thousand people.

Having opened for a few famous faces on tour in the past, she was no longer the supporting act. This was Georgia’s lead moment and boy did she take it! Masstemps (and the whole of the recruitment industry) are proud to support the young starlet as she continues her X Factor journey and wish her all the best in what is looking like a well-deserved leap into the limelight!

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